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01 Mar 18 | By pp-admin | Cycling tips, Pedal Power, Uncategorized

Mark Kettle feels so much better since he started riding to work regularly after joining Pedal Power’s Cycle Works challenge.

“I ride from my place in Turner to my job in Woden. It was hard at first, but it gets easier. I feel much better for it, and I’m saving a lot of money in parking, petrol and wear and tear on the car,” said Mark.

Having just turned 50, Mark was aware that something needed to change to improve his health and fitness.


” I was starting to get the big dad body going and the big gut and I realised I had to do something. I reckon if I hadn’t started cycling again I would have hit the 100 kilo mark by now. I’ve lost 10% of my body weight which has made the doctor happy and made me happy. It’s a good way of getting fitness with a busy life,” said Mark.

Pedal Power’s Cycle Works challenge is a month-long challenge to help people work cycling into their daily lives. It’s a free program in which you register online, set and track your goals on a leader board. You can sign up an an individual or a workplace team, and there are also great prizes to be won including a Trek bike.

The Autumn Cycle Works challenge starts today, Thursday 1 March.

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