Mitas’s top tips for a puncture free ride

16 Feb 23 | By pp-admin

Nothing spoils a nice summer ride more than an irreparable or unfixable (on the ride) puncture.  Entering our third summer influenced by wetter than usual Winters and Springs, the risk of punctures will be increased. 

A major culprit is likely to be the much despised ‘double gee’ or ‘devil’s thorn’ or ‘jackie’, that pesky and spiky thorn, native to South Africa and now a common and widespread invasive species here in Australia.  In addition, after an excessively wet Winter and Spring flooding, there’s now more grit and debris, which may increase the risk of punctures.

So what can you do to minimise these irritating interruptions to your cycling commute or longer riding adventures?

Ben Henderson from PCI Sports is the Canberra-based distributor of Mitas Tyres and he says they are the best choice of puncture resistant tyres.  Mitas have a range of tyres which boast a technology called ‘Stop Thorn’ due to their extreme resistance to puncture. They are also produced with a special rubber compound designed to be ultra long lasting, making them a great choice for daily commuting or long distance touring.

PCI Sports is the Australian home of Mitas Cycling. Mitas tyres and tubes have been produced since 1908 solely in the heart of Europe, growing into Europe’s largest tyre manufacturer today.

If you purchase these tyres from one of the many Canberra stockists, you’ll have the rare opportunity to support not only a Canberra store but a Canberra distributor too!

Ben also has a few simple tips that can help ensure you have a puncture-free ride.

  • Take a minute to check your tyres before leaving for your ride – remove any glass, small pebbles, prickles or grass seeds that might be wedged in the tread to prevent them going any deeper.
  • Make sure your tyres are properly inflated – not only does this give you a more comfortable ride and lessens tyre wear, but it also reduces the risk of thorns or glass being able to puncture your tyres.
  • If you do get a puncture, be sure to check the inside of the tyre thoroughly by slowly running your fingers around the inside of the tyre. Anything that is penetrating through the tyre carcass needs to be removed to prevent it from causing another flat.
  • Choose tougher tyres first, over thicker inner tubes or sealant for more effective resistance. Better to prevent the issue before it happens, rather than remedy it, and these tyres will also last you a lot longer.

Buying the best tyres you can afford for the type of riding you do is always a great idea.  More expensive tyres may seem optional at first, but they will repay the investment by giving you many more pleasurable kilometres of puncture-resistant and comfortable riding. 

And don’t forget to check out the PCI Sports range for the latest riding gear. You can also email Ben if you have any tyre questions or queries.