Mountain Bike Orienteering and the Heritage Polaris

02 Feb 23 | By pp-admin

Are you a rider who loves their weekly social ride, a cyclist who strives for a faster route to work, a trail rider who loves wild downhill delights, or a parent keen to get the kids to catch the wheely bug?

Then why not try Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO) in the lead-up to the Heritage Polaris when it hits town as part of the Australian Heritage Festival on Saturday 1 April?

MTBO combines all the best in cycling in the ACT and is the perfect warm-up for the Heritage Polaris – a Heritage Adventure by bike using some simple map reading to navigate Canberra’s extensive cycle and mountain bike networks for a bundle of fun.

MTBO is suitable for all ages from the very young to the more mature and even ‘aged’! The ACT MTBO community includes many over 65s as well as plenty of under 14s There are MTBO riders over 80 in the ACT!

To get the most out of the day, the cycling arm of Orienteering ACT, (the Mountain Bike Orienteering crew) is running a weekend workshop to combine navigation with your riding skills. The workshop will prepare people for both Mountain Bike Orienteering and the Heritage Polaris.

Optional Weekend of MTBO Training – Saturday 18 – Sunday 19 Feb

Day 1 will focus on beginner’s bike navigation skills. Day 2 on more advanced skills for those who need speed navigation whilst cycling. Held at Bruce Ridge and Majura Pines please register here

Cost: $20 per session      FREE for under 20-year-olds

MTBO 2023 Series

The 2023 ACT MTBO series kicks off on Sunday 26 February on an exciting new map. There are six MTBO events throughout the year and beginners are welcome at them all.

Hire a map board and compass

You can now hire a compass and map board as part of your registration process for the training weekend and other MTBO events throughout the year.

The map board, along with a compass, is mounted on any bike handlebars and can rotate easily to maintain your orientation. The map board and compass unlock the route to your cycling journey.

The most important skills you will learn at the workshop are map memory and choosing the most efficient cycling route – just the skills required for a fun, fast Heritage Polaris!

MTBO started in the late 80s and is now a popular sport the world over. The first MTBO World Championship took place in 2002 in France! The most enthusiastic MTBO countries are France, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Slovakia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Portugal. Australia’s Adrian Jackson has brought home a number of gold medals between 2008 and 2010 from World MTBO championships!

To start orienteering in the ACT, please visit Orienteering ACT MTBO or see the 2023 MTBO calendar of events.