New end-of-trip laws a moderate uplift for bike parking

11 Aug 22 | By pp-admin | Advocacy, Pedal Power

Pedal Power welcomes an improvement to end-of-trip facilities across Canberra following recent tabling of new laws by Planning Minister Mick Gentleman. 

Having somewhere safe to park your bike, and access to changeroom facilities can make all the difference in deciding whether to ride to work. The revised code will provide a moderate uplift to the minimum bike parking spaces that are to be provided, sets out clearer rules around how they are to be developed,  the location and accessibility of the parking facilities,  and what minimum shower and locker facilities are to be provided. 

Pedal Power CEO Ian Ross said good end-of-trip facilities are important in supporting more Canberrans to take up active travel. “Over time, this code will mean that more – and better quality –  facilities will become available to support people who cycle,” he said.

“However, I am disappointed that the code does not include requirement for developers to include e-bike charging provisions, or additional considerations for larger bikes such as cargo bikes, bikes with trailers, or bikes accessible to people unable to ride standard bikes.

“There has been a growth in e-bikes and cargo bikes uptake in the ACT, and end of trip facilities should reflect this.

“Pedal Power is advised e-bike provisions may be included in a future Territory Plan revision, but regardless, we see this as a missed opportunity, particularly given the length of time this variation took to complete,” he said.

Advice around larger bike storage and management should be included in guidelines to support developers navigate the end of trip code, Mr Ross said.