New friends with 105 years of history

07 Dec 23 | By pp-admin

“One of the reasons I joined PP was to meet people and hopefully make new friends”, so said Jen who has recently moved to Canberra.

On a recent fine Sunday morning, Jen joined one of our trial easy rides – which, being a Pedal Power social ride, of course, included a chat over coffee with fellow riders.

One of our Board members, Linda, was tail ending on that ride and happened to sit next to Jen. What happened next surprised and delighted them both.

It’s too long a story to detail here, but also too good a story not to share!

Pondering afterwards the coincidence of them growing up in the same area of Brisbane and attending the same primary school, Linda’s curiosity got the better of her and she decided to ask Jen a few key questions via email.

They quickly established that their fathers had been lifelong friends and that Jen and Linda had many memories in common of their own childhoods (a decade apart) sailing on the Brisbane River. Their grandfathers, both of whom had served and been wounded in the first World War, were involved in establishing the local sailing club – a club that continues today. Amazed email exchanges followed with questions and memories tumbling out, as well as delighted conversations with their respective siblings.

Further unlikely connections between the two emerged: both had previously lived in Launceston – far from their place of origin! –  and these days both their sons live in the same suburb of Canberra.

So, if you haven’t tried a Pedal Power social ride yet, find one that suits your skill level and abilities here… you never know who you’ll meet and the friends you’ll make.