New road as part of CIT Development an accident waiting to happen

27 Feb 23 | By pp-admin

Pedal Power ACT advocates have called a proposal for a new road between Bradley and Bowes Street in Woden as part of the new CIT development, an accident waiting to happen. As part of a comprehensive submission on the development application, Pedal Power has called for this proposed connection to be scrapped.

As part of the development application for the new CIT in Woden, Transport Canberra and City Services have proposed a new road connection between Bradley and Bowes Street. This road would cut through the proposed ‘CIT boulevard’, a pedestrian and cycling street that will be the main east-west connection through the middle of the Woden Town Centre. This boulevard will be an important cycling and pedestrian hub with the development of the new CIT and public transport interchange.

Pedal Power advocates have said that building a road through this section will ruin this boulevard, putting people at risk. People walking through this strip will likely be focusing on their destination, particularly those who are leaving it tight to catch public transport or attend a CIT class. They will have traversed a large car-free area that lies between Corinna St and Easty St. They will not be expecting to encounter cars, especially given the poor sight lines towards Bowes St. It is a collision waiting to happen.

In addition, the connection ruins aspirations for an enlivened or relaxing West Plaza and a place to hold markets and events. It takes about one third of the potential plaza. West Plaza provides an important sunny area, given the shadowing of the boulevard from the tower to its north. A vehicular thoroughfare will not attract people to linger and enjoy the proposed landscaping. Applying concepts of the Movement and Place Framework this a place for people not for the movement of cars.

There is no current connection between Bradley and Bowes Streets. It is not a route people have had taken away from them. The long period of construction in the area will give people time to get used to the closure of through traffic on Callum St. People have and will devise and become used to alternative routes south. The proposal is at odds with government policies to increase public transport use and active travel. Transport experts agree that we can’t build our way out of congestion.

For all these reasons Pedal Power opposes the construction of this thoroughfare for regular traffic, while acknowledging that it is temporarily useful for construction.

You can read our full submission here.