New social ride: Friday Cruising Riders

08 Sep 22 | By pp-admin | Pedal Power, Social rides

Pedal Power has added another regular ride to its schedule of social rides.  The new Friday Cruising Riders group (FCR) will offer slower rides on a Friday. 

Pedal Power offers rides in Groups A, B, C and D, with Group A being the fastest and Group D the slowest, and Group B and C somewhere in between. Riders are able to select and ride in a group that suits their ability and fitness.  

The coordinators for the FCR are Annette Bartlett and Tony Hiew who have been coordinating Wednesday Social Rides, Group D, since the beginning of the year. 

Tony and Annette told us “During that time, we became aware of riders who would enjoy riding at a more relaxing pace and a shorter distance. There wasn’t a ride group on a Friday which caters for riders with abilities of most Group D riders. We were encouraged to organise a ride group for Friday which is like an extension of Group D. We put the idea to Pedal Power and the response was great. They approved very promptly and posted the FCR as a new event on the Team App.”

This new event will be on every second Friday (fortnightly). The emphasis will be on having a good time, getting some outdoor exercise, exploring all over Canberra and enjoying social interaction over coffee.

The rides will be at a pace between 15-18km/hr and a ride distance of 30-40km.  Like the Group D riders will share designing and leading rides and help is at hand where necessary.