‘No’ to two new streets through the Yarralumla Creek corridor

09 Mar 23 | By pp-admin | Advocacy

Pedal Power presented a submission to the ACT Government to oppose the proposal for two new streets through the Yarralumla Creek corridor: one on the north-east and one on the south-east side of Curtin.

Currently, the area is a pleasant and expansive open space with mature trees. It forms the Yarralumla Creek corridor. It contains a well-connected shared path which is classified as a Principal Route (C4 in the southern section). It is highly valued by citizens as a nature reserve and attracts many people walking and cycling; not only locals using it for short strolls and rides but others using it as an inter-city/suburb cycling route.

The proposed new roads would introduce traffic into what is now an important off-road cycle route. The amenity of safely riding through this green belt without traffic and road crossings cannot be over-stated. This amenity would be lost if this proposal goes ahead. The proposal is also inconsistent with the Government’s policies of encouraging cycling through the provision of traffic-free paths.

The justification for the new roads is to clarify the urban edge of Curtin to Yarra Glen, but this is a questionable argument. The edge of this part of Curtin is already clearly defined by Yarralumla Creek and the corridor.

If the reason is to enhance development opportunities by providing vehicular access to the residential blocks along the edge of Curtin, it is unnecessary. The residential blocks along the edge all have existing access via cul-de-sacs or, in the case of battle-axe blocks, wide driveways. Paired battle-axe blocks have double width driveways.

The roads would be contrary to the planning review’s designation of the Yarralumla Creek corridor as a primary connection in Canberra’s Blue-Green network. Introducing roads and traffic would not be conducive to encouraging wildlife along the corridor.

Pedal Power supports the proposal to naturalise the Yarralumla Creek including the provisions of diversions into settlement ponds. Pedal Power also supports the proposal for a pedestrian/bike bridge over Yarralumla Creek to link Curtin to the new residential areas on the other side.