Orienteering on bikes- Heritage Polaris

08 Nov 22 | By pp-admin

Registrations are now open for the National Trust’s Heritage Polaris, which will run on 1 April 2023.

The Heritage Polaris is a seven-hour navigating and biking event where teams of two must find their way around a series of control points spread throughout Canberra, a number of which are linked to important but sometimes unknown parts of the city’s history. Each control point is given a point value that teams accumulate throughout the day. The team that accumulates the most points by the end of the seven hours is declared the winner. However, time penalties do apply for teams that return late.

Successful teams will require good tactics to ensure they visit enough control points while allowing themselves time to return back to base without incurring too many penalties. But relax, although the Heritage Polaris can be a competitive event for some teams it is open to people of all skill and fitness levels.

Due to the open format, riders choose what route and speed they are most comfortable with. Whether you’re after a fast-paced crash course around Canberra or a leisurely Saturday ride, the Heritage Polaris can be whatever you make it. And when you’re done, enjoy a sausage sandwich, soft drink and ice-cream (all included in your entry).

Now, if all this sounds a bit daunting or you feel you don’t have 7 hours to spare (or you don’t want to have to be at the event centre at 6:00am!) why not consider our new option for 2023 the Half Heritage Polaris. ‘The Half’ will be half the price ($90 per team of two), half the time (3.5 hours) but still 100% of the fun! We have designed it so that teams will do their map checking after the main field has left and returning roughly 30 minutes before the main field is due back – yes that means you will get your ice-cream first!

More information can be found on their dedicated website and make sure you sign up to their Facebook page

A few more important points to note:

  • Kids are more than welcome and get free entry if under 18 and riding with an adult (we can cater for families who want to ride in the same team with matching bibs)
  • We can cater to teams of three as we know sometimes it’s hard to get that extra friend to participate
  • The event is about having fun, so we have plenty of volunteers on hand to help you with map checking and other tips to help you have a good day riding

And finally, our sincere thanks to the ACT Government’s Heritage Unit who have been strong supporters of the event since the National Trust re-launched it back in 2017.