Pedal Power ACT welcomes new Kingston to Fyshwick ‘greenline’ proposal

17 Nov 22 | By pp-admin

Pedal Power ACT welcomes the Fyshwick Business Association (FBA)’s visionary plan for a potential alternative light rail route, which links the two branches of the Eastern Network in a closed loop.

The plan, known as the ‘Eastwick Greenline’, is being launched today and active travel features prominently in it.

“While Pedal Power ACT will want to examine the finer details of the proposal, this sort of forward thinking is exactly what Canberra needs to create a healthier and more sustainable future”, says Pedal Power ACT Executive Director Simon Copland.  

“We are particularly delighted to see the Fyshwick Business Association centering active travel as part of this proposal. For too long there has been a belief that cars are the only way people commute to businesses. We know that is not true and this proposal recognises that active travel is good for business and our community more broadly.”

Copland said he was particularly delighted to see active travel integrated with public transport and good planning in this proposal.

“Active travel works best when integrated with public transport and high-density housing. This plan is good because it integrates both. Increasing density brings people closer to services and employment, making active transport options far more viable.”

“Active travel is an efficient, healthy and sustainable mode of transport that can move large numbers of people across dense environments. All future development in Canberra must fully incorporate active travel and we are delighted to see the Fyshwick Business Association has done so as part of this proposal.”

As the peak cycling body in Canberra, Pedal Power ACT campaigns to make Canberra a more bike-friendly city to encourage more Canberrans to ride. Better public transport infrastructure will encourage more people to leave cars at home. This will contribute to make Canberra easier to navigate by bike.

An increased focus on public transport and active travel will also help the Government achieve its environmental goals.