Pedal Power advocates for safer Woden development

06 Dec 22 | By pp-admin | Submission

Pedal Power advocates have recently put in a submission to the proposal in Woden to convert the old pitch and put course into five buildings, comprising of high-density housing and some commercial tenancies.

We support the construction of high-density housing, particularly in locations so close to active travel and public transport links.

However, this plan currently proposes that access to these five buildings will be off Yamba Drive, with a new access road and driveways crossing a major active transport route. This means that cars will come off an 80km/h road into residential driveways at a sharp angle.

Providing access directly off a major arterial road with 80km/h speed limit carrying a heavy traffic flow, and crossing a Main Community Route, would be problematic in the normal course of events. In the case of Yamba Dr, the increased vehicle and people movements associated with the proposal for 800 dwellings, plus commercial establishments, makes the idea even more problematic. On top of that, the site entry and exit would be very close to a major intersection (Yamba roundabout). 

Simply put, the proposed access point is dangerous and will significantly reduce the safety of the active transport links in the area.

There are other options. Access to the block needs to be re-considered because of the safety risks to path users of access from Yamba Dr. We support the Woden Master Plan recommendation that access be via an extension of Irving St. Irving St is ideal for the purpose as it has low-volume traffic and no through traffic. Priority for the north-south C4 cycle route could be maintained by a raised zebra crossing over the extended Irving St. This extension could easily be paid for by the developer.

The deadline for submissions for this proposal has now closed. We’ll keep you up to date with any progress on this project and the safety issues we’ve raised in our submission.