Pedal Power budget submission 2022-23: People, paths and prosperity

25 May 22 | By pp-admin | Advocacy, Cycle safety, Infrastructure, Pedal Power

Pedal Power’s submission to the ACT 2022-23 budget is now available online here. Pedal Power recommends the ACT Government unlocks the potential of Canberra’s cycling infrastructure by investing in programs to:

  • encourage more people to build their cycling skills and choose cycling as a safe and comfortable transport option 
  • maintain and enhance our cycling infrastructure 
  • increase the economic benefits of cycling.

Many trips currently made by car could shift to cycling. Thirty-eight percent of all trips in the ACT made by car are less than 10km, and five per cent are less than 2.5km. Electric bikes have been shown to double the range that people are prepared to travel by bike – but they will only do so if it is safe, comfortable, and efficient.

Pedal Power commended Transport Minister Chris Steel’s March 2022 delivery of an ACT Government Active Travel Statement in the Legislative Assembly. This policy framework promises to deliver projects that will fundamentally transform Canberra’s active travel environment.

The 2022-23 ACT Budget is an opportunity for the ACT Government to resource a transformation of Canberrans’ travel habits. This will require a commitment to ongoing investment in paths and cycling infrastructure, and support for programs that actively inspire, encourage, and assist more people to ride more often.

Pedal Power’s 2022-23 Budget Submission provides recommendations to support an increase in active travel participation across Canberra. We have collated feedback from the cycling community via ongoing direct engagement in person, via phone and email, as well as surveys and social media. This feedback tells us that cyclists’ priority for active travel funding remains increased path maintenance, followed by completion of missing links across the network.

You can read Pedal Power’s submission to the 2022-23 ACT budget process at