Bike rider

10 Feb 21 | By pp-admin | Advocacy, Cycle safety, Pedal Power

Pedal Power is appalled that a driver who recklessly crashed into a person riding their bike on the road will only be issued a $394 infringement fine and lose three demerit points off their licence.

An infringement notice is a completely unacceptable response to this type of shocking driver behaviour.

Given there is clear video evidence of the crash between the trailer and the bike rider on 3 October 2020, Pedal Power will be asking the ACT Police for an explanation about why the driver was not charged.

The driver endangered a bike rider’s life by breaking the ACT’s road rules.  

A $394 fine is not a deterrent for other drivers behaving recklessly.  This sends a message that in the ACT you can nearly kill a bike rider riding lawfully on our roads and only receive a relatively light fine.

We also want the ACT Government to take action to ensure the penalties in our Road Transport Act are appropriate for the offences.

If we want to build a culture in Canberra where ALL road users are respected and protected, then we must change our legislation.

Australian governments have taken strong action to reduce speeding deaths.  Police can levy fines of over $2,000 for anyone caught speeding on our roads.  We need similar fines to deter people from driving dangerously around vulnerable road users.

The bike rider in this case is very lucky to have only been injured and taken to hospital.  They could have easily been killed.


Media contact: Lil Bryant-Johnson. Ph 0450 302020