A successful member forum with a key message

29 Jul 22 | By pp-admin | Advocacy, Events, Infrastructure

Pedal Power member forum: now is the time to act

If you take just one message from Transport Minister Chris Steel’s presentation to the 2022 member forum, it should be this: if you want to see improved cycling infrastructure in your neighbourhood, now is the time to speak up.

The Active Travel Plan is open for community consultation. Prioritisation for new infrastructure will be determined by two broad criteria: 1) is there strong community demand? And 2) is it likely to be used by a lot of people?

If you would like to see a new path, or a crossing, or pop-up cycle lanes, or any other significant new infrastructure, mark it on the map AND generate interest in your community to encourage locals to do the same: https://yoursayconversations.act.gov.au/active-travel-plan/active-travel-plan-interactive-cycling-map

The forum was held at the Ainslie Football Club with a fantastic turn out. It was a great opportunity for our members to ask questions directly of the transport minister – an opportunity many participants were pleased to take up.

Questions from the audience included:

  • How about some quick-build on-road protected cycle lanes for Northbourne Avenue? This location is surely ideal? The response from Minister Steel was that Northbourne is certainly a good location, however with the disruption coming as a result of light rail construction, it may not be the right time for additional work on Northbourne. Other streets being considered for quick-build cycle lanes include Sturt Avenue and Belconnen way. The ACT Government is looking at options.
    [Want to see quick-build cycle lanes at a location near you? Put it on the map!]
  • Will Canberrans continue using Fix My Street to report hazards, or will the new Active Travel Plan include hazard reporting? The answer was that yes, you should continue to use Fix My Street to report hazards. The Plan is centred more on larger projects and new infrastructure.
  • Can you please provide advice about how people’s feedback will be used? The response was that while ‘we can’t build it all’, the feedback will firstly be used to identify errors within the plan and the map, and secondly will help shape priorities for work.

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