Pedal Power on your side

11 May 23 | By pp-admin

As a Pedal Power member, you enjoy discounts and support our advocacy work for a more bike-friendly city, both of which will improve your cycling experience. But if something goes wrong on your ride, Pedal Power’s insurance and our reputation are the reasons you’ll be pleased you joined.

In 2019 Ian Bell was riding on the Federal Hwy as part of one of Pedal Power’s Sunday social rides. Halfway through the ride, Ian lost control and came off his bike. He suffered a dislocated collar bone and broke one of the bones in his right shoulder.

“The other riders took very good care of me, especially Ian Hotchkiss who went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable and safe and sent his wife to retrieve my bike as I was taken to hospital by ambulance”.

That ambulance trip cost Ian nearly $1400 but thankfully Pedal Power insurance covered it. The insurance also paid for Ian’s extensive physiotherapy, but the most important help Ian received from the Pedal Power members’ insurance was the loss of income cover.

“At the time, I worked as a mechanical fitter.” Recalls Ian “They were not able to offer me an office job so I was not allowed to return to work until I was fully recovered. This meant I was unable to work for about 7 months. I initially used up all my leave, but when that ran out, the payment from Pedal Power insurance was the difference between keeping my house and having to sell it”.

Chris also was happy Pedal Power was on side when seeking compensation from a negligent contractor about 15 years ago.

“I was riding around lake Ginninderra,” says Chris “there was some road work and the orange netting  blocking off access to the site was not properly secured. It caught on my handle bars as our group rode past, stopping my bike abruptly. The bike reared up on its back wheel, tipping me onto my spine and landing on top of me because I was still clipped into my pedals.”

Other cyclists helped Chris home and took pictures of the accident site. Chris had to be treated by a physio and could not work or ride a bike for a month.

Chris obtained the name of the contractor from Claims Roads ACT, but the contractor refused to accept responsibility. “It wasn’t until Pedal Power intervened that I was compensated for costs and salary loss,”  Chris said. “With Pedal Power’s assistance, I obtained a payout from the contractor without needing to employ a lawyer or claim on my members’ insurance. Pedal Power’s involvement made all the difference. Everyone knows Pedal Power and knows it stands up for cyclists’ rights.”

If you would like to join Pedal Power and enjoy all of our member benefits, or you would like a friend to do so, you can enter the draw to win a Garmin Smartwatch until 31 May 2023.