Pedal Power welcomes proposed design details on Commonwealth Bridge project

12 Apr 23 | By pp-admin | Media release

Pedal Power has today welcomed the release of the proposed design details from the National Capital Authority on the Commonwealth Bridge strengthening and upgrade project. Executive Director Simon Copland said the proposed designs will see a significant increase in active travel amenity on the bridge.

“We welcome the plan to increase the width of the shared path on Commonwealth Avenue Bridge to 5 metres,” Copland said. “Commonwealth Avenue Bridge is an extremely busy cycling and pedestrian link, with people both using it to take a leisurely stroll or ride around the lake or for their daily commute.”

“The current bridge footpath is too narrow, slowing cyclists down and creating often dangerous interactions between pedestrians and cyclists. The increased width of the shared path to five meters will significantly alleviate this problem. We also ask the NCA to ensure there is clear markers separating cyclists from pedestrians on this shared path.”

Pedal Power has also welcomed the construction of new on and off ramps of the bridge at both the northern and southern end.

“The proposed new on and off ramps will make it easier for both cyclists and pedestrians to access the bridge. The current ramps often do not meet accessibility standards and we are pleased that the NCA is committed to undertaking work to fix these issues.”

“However, cyclists will still face a series of missing infrastructure links when approaching the bridge, particularly on the Western side from the North. Given this project, and the proposed works for Light Rail Stage 2a, this is the perfect time to fix these problems.”

Pedal Power have been involved in ongoing consultation with the NCA over the proposed design of the bridge up until this point and will continue to participate in this consultation process.

“We have welcomed the engagement from the NCA on this project and look forward to continuing working with them on these improvements as the project develops,” Copland concluded. “We encourage all bridge users to attend one of the NCAs consultation sessions and to provide their feedback on this plan.”