Pedal Power welcomes proposed Wellbeing Index for Canberra

18 Jun 19 | By pp-admin | Advocacy

Pedal Power ACT welcomes proposed Wellbeing Index for Canberra

The United Nations publishes an annual World Happiness Report. New Zealand has a Better Life Index. Now Canberra is proposing its first ever Wellbeing Index.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr recently announced that his government wishes to develop a set of Wellbeing Indicators to measure and report on the long-term wellbeing of Canberrans.

ACT Government officials have said they want to establish the new Wellbeing Index in partnership with the Canberra public and policy experts.

Once established the Wellbeing Index will help form a basis for public reporting, assist in focusing policy development and inform government decision-making and investment.

Pedal Power ACT CEO, Mr Ian Ross, welcomed the news of a proposed Wellness Index for Canberra.

“This is a great opportunity for Canberrans to think about and discuss what helps people to live a healthy, meaningful and happy life.

“Wellbeing is so much more than economic prosperity. It’s about good physical and mental health, being part of your local community, strong social connections, the environment and more.

“Cycling can have an incredibly positive impact on community wellbeing. Active travel offers many health benefits, a sense of belonging and is good for the environment too.

“Pedal Power ACT is confident that a local Wellbeing Index will help highlight the positive contribution that cycling makes to community wellbeing and prosperity.”

What are Wellbeing Indicators?

Wellbeing Indicators are a way of looking at and measuring how well a community is doing in relation to key goals. They can then be used to review progress towards common aims and to influence future government decision-making.

These Indicators can reflect important elements of individual and community life, like: physical and mental health, the health of the environment, inclusiveness, housing, subjective wellbeing, education and skills, employment and income, family relationships and social connections.

Cycling can make a positive contribution to several of these areas including: physical and mental health, inclusivity and social connections.

What helps keep you happy and healthy? Have your say

Would you like to discuss your views on what to include in Canberra’s Wellbeing Index? Or help highlight the wellbeing benefits that cycling brings to our community? 

Pedal Power invites you to join in a collective discussion in the w/c 1 July.  Your views are important to us. By sharing your opinions and expertise, you will be helping to inform meaningful wellness statistics.

This is a great opportunity for Pedal Power members to contribute to a broader community discussion and to promote the benefits of cycling.

To get involved please contact the Pedal Power office as soon as possible –