Police targeting unsafe passing of cyclists

18 Oct 19 | By pp-admin | Advocacy, Cycle safety, Pedal Power

ACT Policing will conduct compliance activity targeting motorists who don’t follow the law when passing cyclists on ACT roads.

This important initiative will proactively enforce the requirement for drivers to leave at least 1m between their vehicle and the bicycle rider if the vehicle is travelling up to 60km/h, and at least 1.5m if the vehicle is travelling at faster than 60km/h.

Speaking ahead of the compliance activity, Detective Acting Station Sergeant Marcus Boorman said cyclists are legitimate but vulnerable road users.

“Even a minor collision between a car and a cyclist can cause serious injuries or death. The upcoming activity will see police actively target the minority of motorists that are not doing the right thing,” said Detective a/Station Sergeant Boorman.

“Canberra: you’re on notice. The next cyclist you drive past could be a police officer, and fines and demerit points may be issued if you do not leave enough room.”

Pedal Power ACT CEO, Ian Ross, welcomed the ACT Policing enforcement campaign.

“This enforcement campaign is a first for Australia. We are hopeful it will be as successful as similar campaigns in the UK which saw a 20% reduction in cycling deaths and serious accidents.

“Having police enforce the minimum passing distance laws is important not just for the people who are already riding, but to encourage more people to take up cycling for transport and recreation. We want everybody to feel safe and be safe when riding on our roads,” Ian Ross said