Researchers seeking riders for safety work

08 Feb 23 | By pp-admin

The ACT Government is funding a research initiative from the University of Adelaide that will gather high-quality data on how cyclists use roads and cycle routes in Canberra. Data will also be collected on how bikes interact with other road users, especially cars and trucks as they overtake bikes.

Requests for volunteer bike riders started on 3 February 2023. Volunteers will be asked to attach a smart device to their bike that will download their route and the exact distance given to them by overtaking vehicles.

Volunteers will be able to see their own collected information on Google maps. It is then sent anonymously to the research group, who will combine it with all the other users’ information to look for behaviour patterns among riders and traffic.

The same research is also being done in Melbourne and Adelaide. The Canberra group is being organised through Pedal Power.

If you ride a bike in Canberra and you are interested in seeing how and where you ride as well as how much room you are given by overtaking vehicles, you can register here for this project. If you are eligible then the research group will get in touch within a few days to set you up to record your journeys for a 4-week period. Most bike types, including e-bikes, are welcome to join in.