Ride Safely to School Week: tips for riders and drivers

26 Oct 22 | By pp-admin | Cycle safety, Media release


It is Ride Safely to School Week and Pedal Power ACT would like to join this ACT Government campaign to share some safety tips for bikes and cars.

“Pedal Power is actively working with the cycling community to ensure rider safety, through learn-to-ride courses, information campaigns and advocacy” says Executive Director Simon Copland “but safe riding also depends on the behavior of other road users, especially car drivers”.

If your child is keen to start riding to school, here are some tips that may help them get started:

  • As well as a well-fitting helmet, make sure they wear high visibility clothing or reflective strips
  • If the child is young, ride or walk along with them a few times to show them the safest way to get to school and how to safely cross roads
  • Investigate if there are other children riding the same route so they can all go together
  • Ask the school if they have a safe area for your child to store their bike during the day.
  • Visit Pedal Power ACT website for more safety tips

If you are a car driver, here are some tips to make the road safer for everyone:

  • Slow down near bikes
  • Give riders room. It is a legal requirement to give at least 1m of space to riders when the speed limit is 60km/h or less and 1.5 m when the speed limit is over 60km/h.
  • When overtaking bikes double check that they are not planning to change direction.
  • Take particular care when making a right turn near a bike.
  • Remember that the road is for all of us to use and share it accordingly.

Kate’s son Jay rides to school on most days.

“At nearly 13 years old, he loves the sense of independence” says Kate “but despite Jay being respectful of road rules, I wish speed limits could be lower in suburbs and in school zones. Unfortunately many drivers still aren’t aware of the rules around cyclists, leaving kids unsafe as they make their way to school.”

Cycling to school is a fun and healthy way for children to commute and it has profound benefits not only on their physical health but also on their ability to concentrate, learn and handle stress.



Media contact: Ilaria Catizone M.0404 255 321; E:communications@pedalpower.org.au

Images Caption: Jay on his way to school by bike

Further information: Media reporting guidelines for road collisions