Riding your bike is still permitted in the ACT

31 Mar 20 | By pp-admin | Cycling tips, Pedal Power

Riding your bike is still permitted in the ACT

According to ACT Government COVID-19 information published on Monday (30 March), people are still allowed to leave the house to exercise.

Canberra bike riders can still go out riding at this stage, as long as we also adhere to the social distancing rules –

DO NOT RIDE IN GROUPS. Ride alone or with one other person or your immediate family. Ride a good 1.5 meters away from all riders. Be courteous to other people using the shared paths. It isn’t only the people riding with you that you need to stay 1.5 meters away from, its other riders and walkers as well.

If you are riding on the roads you must continue to obey the road rules even though there may not be a lot of other traffic.

Canberra is currently experiencing beautiful Autumn weather. So there is even more reason to take up the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic mental and physical health benefits of riding, while we can.