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28 Jun 18 | By pp-admin | Advocacy, Infrastructure, Pedal Power

The recent release of the plan for Stage Two of light rail from the city to Woden will improve active travel in Canberra and presents an opportunity to enhance Canberra’s bike network and make cycling a more viable transport option for more people.

“We know from the experience of cities around the world that the key to increasing cycling and reducing congestion is to provide cycle networks that are fully integrated with the public transport system,” said Pedal Power CEO Ian Ross.

“Stage Two of light rail is a great opportunity to align and connect our public transport network with our cycle network, to make it easier for people to get around on bike, foot and rail, and to transition easily between travel modes. Good cycle access will also help increase light rail patronage by expanding the catchment that can be serviced by each stop to up to 5km.

“We look forward to seeing more detailed plans for Stage Two showing high-quality bike facilities to encourage people to ride to the stop, park their bike or take it with them when they travel. For example, increased bike carrying capacity on the LRVs, secure bike parking facilities at all stops, safe crossings, and good path connections from the light rail stations to the existing path network.

“We note that Stage Two includes plans to enhance north & south cycle access along Commonwealth Avenue. To improve safety and to encourage more people to ride, we’d like to see a separated cycle path along this route, to keep people on bikes away from cars and pedestrians.

“Reworking Adelaide Avenue also presents a great opportunity to improve cycling facilities along the corridor. The current on-road bike lane on Adelaide Avenue is well used but includes road crossings that can be difficult to negotiate, such as at the increasingly busy Cotter Rd.

“We are really pleased that the Government has just committed to constructing separated cycle paths at Belconnen and Woden town centres. We need a network of these across the city to provide a safe and direct way for people to travel on bike. A connection between the civic cycle loop and the planned path at Woden is the obvious next step,” said Mr Ross.

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Image: Artist impression of light rail on Adelaide Ave, from ACT Government Gungahlin to Woden Light Rail Update June 2018