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31 Aug 22 | By pp-admin | Events, Guest blog

The third event of 2022 ACT MTB Orienteering Series will kick off on Saturday 3 September 2022 at the hilly trails of the WEST STROMLO.

ACT MTB Orienteering is beginner and family-friendly, and invites everyone who loves to ride a bike but hasn’t tried orienteering before to try to learn a new skill by trying MTB orienteering in 2022. 

Experienced MTBOer Andrew Cheffers is a Course Setter for this event.

Start anytime between 9:00am and 10:30am, with the closure of the course at 1:00pm.  

Four slightly longer-than-usual courses will be offered:

  • Long (about 15-20 km, 80 min)
  • Middle (11-15 km; 70 min)
  • Short (7-10km, 50min)
  • Novice (4-6km; 40min). 

An earlier start will allow foot orienteers to take part at OACT Metro League Foot-O event at Mt. Stranger South:

We will have coaches at the start, who will help and explain to beginners what to do and will equip them with the key tips. 


  • Pre-entry is $15
  • Entry fee on the DAY is $20 (kids $10)
  • Map Boards and SI-Air will be available for Hire on a day! ($5 + $5). 


You can register now! Pre-registration is encouraged: 

Assembly and Parking:  parking at Stromlo Forest Park Western Carpark, Uriarra Rd)

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Full details on ACT MTBO you will find here:

Welcome to MTB orienteering and enjoy navigation at higher speed!

We look forward to seeing you at WEST STROMLO on Saturday!