The Big Bike Film Night is coming to town

08 Jul 22 | By pp-admin | Events, Pedal Power

Once again Brett Cotter’s Big Bike Film Night is coming to town.

For those who’ve not experienced this event, Brett sources cycling short films from around the world and brings them to us on the big screen. Regardless of your level, ability, or expertise in cycling or the type of riding you do, you’ll find varied and diverse films to intrigue and motivate you. There’s serious and heartfelt, through to (almost) silly and quirky – those who attended last year couldn’t possibly forget the film of one man’s ambition to ride EVERY street across New Zealand 😊.

This year is the 8th event and advance notice tells us there will be 12 films.  Brett says of this year’s line-up, the films:

“speak to us about determination, passion, overcoming challenges, and at the heart of it are authentic and we can relate to them, offering uplifting, adventurous, powerful, inspiring stories to get us out riding (and not forgetting the added quirky oddball films to enlighten and entertain the ride)”.

Mark the date in your in your diary – Thursday 18 August 2022 at 6.30pm at Canberra’s Dendy Cinema.  Tickets can be purchased here.  The website also describes the films which will be shown this year.