Tips and styles to avoid the dreaded helmet hair!

09 May 14 | By 372-admin | Cycling tips, Pedal Power

Do you fear “helmet hair”? Does it stop you riding your bike to work? Do you commute but are tired of having your hair plastered to your head all day thanks to your cycling helmet? We asked a bona fide hair stylist to come up with some ideas to counter helmet hair.

Messy locks are always sexy. Messed up or even flat out locks, on the other hand, are not! So, instead of opting for a full glitz look that will most likely get ruined under a helmet, why not opt for one of these easier, helmet-friendly styles.

But, before you start styling, make sure you prep your hair. Using a root booster, sea salt spray and leave in conditioner will not only help style your hair but will help protect it too from the wind alone that can rip through your hair while riding, even under your helmet!

instead of opting for a full glitz look that will most likely get ruined under a helmet, why not opt for an easier, helmet-friendly style.

  • Side or centre part your hair using a sea salt spray or leave in conditioner then secure your hair in a classy low bun right at the nape of your neck. You can skip the part and go for a top bun as well but best to do this when you reach your destination. A bun under a helmet is just not comfortable. Use some bobby pins and hairspray to keep both in place.
  • A head scarf is a great accessory to help maintain a great style when you take your helmet off. A silky scarf moves with your helmet and absorbs the friction that would normally affect your hair. If you like to straighten your hair a scarf is a great thing to put over your style as it will keep it nice and smooth.
  • A braid or plait is also a great way to keep hair neat under your helmet and it works for long and mid-length hair. Simply braid or plait the hair then twist the plait into a bun at the base of your neck or on top of the head once you arrive or just leave it as is. Remember to spray your hair with a sea salt spray or a texturiser beforehand.
  • Alternatively, braid or plait your hair and then take it all out when you get to work. Shake your head upside down to bring back some body and a great beachy look.
  • Mid-length hair can be a little trickier but try blow drying your hair upside down, applying some sea salt spray and then gathering it all on top of your head with bobby pins. When you get to work, just shake it out and use some was or moulding product to give it some shape. This is a great way to avoid that helmet hair look.

The stylists at Ainslie Hair Inn are always happy to share their knowledge of products and even give a quick demo to show you how to achieve the look you want. They also stock a full range of fantastic Tigi products. Call 6247 0293 to make an appointment.