Upgraded pedestrian crossing on David Street, Turner

18 Aug 22 | By pp-admin | Guest blog, Infrastructure

By Transport Canberra and City Services

The pedestrian crossing on David Street in Turner, along the Sullivan’s Creek shared path, has recently been upgraded to separate cyclists and pedestrians. This busy crossing has been upgraded to make it safer for all users, particularly cyclists and students from Turner Primary School.

Cyclists are reminded to ride over the green section of the crossing and are still required to slow to 10km/h or less on the approach and when riding across the crossing.

Similar to a regular pedestrian crossing, motorists are required to give way to cyclists using the green section of the crossing. Cyclists are encouraged to look for approaching vehicles and be prepared to stop, particularly while motorists adjust to the new crossing treatment.

This type of crossing treatment is new in the ACT. Some cyclists may be familiar with a similar crossing treatment that was first used as part of the Belconnen Bikeway project on Cooinda Street near the University of Canberra. More information about these types of crossings is available in the Municipal Infrastructure Standards 05 Active Travel Facilities Design.