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02 Sep 22 | By pp-admin | Fitzs, Guest blog

Sponsored content from Capital Chemist

Capital Chemist value our community and believe in giving back. Our Community Programme provides support and assistance to many charities and organisations around the ACT. This year we are proud to be a silver partner for Pedal Power’s Fitz’s Challenge. Promoting wellbeing, health and exercise, it’s an event for all the family.

Capital Chemist are also firm believers in promoting health and exercise.  If you need support to get moving, or stay moving, pop into any of our stores and meet your local pharmacist who will be able to assist with:

  • Supplements to support your joints, energy levels, and muscle recovery
  • Strappings, and advice about injuries, both treatment, and prevention
  • Relief from pain and inflammation due to injury or overuse

Capital Chemist wishes all participants a fabulous day with the inspiring Pedal Power community making new connections and achieving new personal achievements. Congratulations Pedal Power for establishing such a wonderful local event.