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09 Sep 20 | By pp-admin | Advocacy


The West Basin is an area heavily used by hundreds of Canberra bike riders and cycle tourists every day of the year.

The National Capital Authority conducted extensive consultation on the vision for the West Basin development.

Pedal Power was very pleased that the National Capital Authority started with a blank sheet and were genuinely open to ideas that would help create a great community space.

During the consultation, Pedal Power was keen to ensure that any new design was safe and convenient for recreational riders and cycle commuters.

We also wanted to ensure that there was a good plan in place to successfully re-route the existing paths that will be impacted while the building work is carried out.

The West Basin development will be rolled out in two stages. The first stage requires a lot of landscaping and in-filling.  While this work is carried out, the existing shared paths will be carefully re-routed, so cyclists are safe and not overly inconvenienced.

There are no detailed plans for the second stage of the development at this stage, however, Pedal Power has be assured there will not be a repeat of the problems we saw in Kingston with buildings being built right up to the lake shore.

When the government gets to the point of developing detailed plans for Stage 2, Pedal Power will be consulted again and will be pushing hard to ensure there are separated paths all the way through the area and that there are sufficient connections to Civic.

Separated paths will be necessary to reduce congestion on the paths and ensure the different path users can use the area safely.


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