What if your bike is stolen?

11 Oct 22 | By pp-admin | Cycle safety, Cycling tips

When Pedal Power’s Office Manager Victoria Wells (Vicki) entered the garage area under her apartment block last week, she was not expecting to discover her eBike had been stolen. But with over 600 bikes reported stolen in the ACT each year, Vicki is not alone.

“Luckily, I had registered my bike with Bikelinc” says Vicki “so now that I have reported it stolen to the police, they can use my Bikelinc profile to return it to me if it is found”.

The cycling community can also help by checking the frame serial numbers of any bikes they purchase second hand against the database. This will provide them with peace of mind that the bike was not stolen and if it was, the police can help return it to its owner.

Pedal Power is a proud partner of Bikelinc, a service powered by Crime Stoppers WA and available to bike owners in WA and the ACT.

Registering a bike is free and easy and it is a great way of returning bikes to their rightful owners if they are lost or stolen. The network also works as a deterrent for potential thieves.

There are already 43,000 bikes listed on Bikelinc. Signing up is quick and you can register as a family or a retailer and list as many bikes as you like under the one profile.