Will the ACT Government’s planning strategy make Canberra better for bikes?

08 Nov 22 | By pp-admin

The ACT Government has recently opened consultation on a long-awaited Planning System Review and Reform project. The Government claims this review ‘will deliver better outcomes for communities, the environment and people across Canberra’. The reforms include a new Planning Act, new district strategies and a new Territory Plan – quite a lot of work!

These plans are important as they will shape what Canberra looks like for decades to come. Our advocacy team is currently pouring over all the details of the project, with a specific focus on the ‘district strategies’ – detailed plans for future development for each of Canberra’s districts (Gungahlin, Belconnen etc.). Among other issues, we’ll be looking to ensure these strategies:

  • Are aligned with the ACT Government’s ‘active travel’ plan, specifically including plans for ongoing mass rollout of cycling infrastructure across the city.
  • Promote density that allows people to live close to work, shops, restaurants, and recreation facilities. This will increase the capacity of everyone to ride their bike and use other forms of active travel.
  • Properly integrate active travel with public transport, allowing Canberrans to use multiple modes of sustainable transport options during their day.

We encourage all members to have their say on the ACT Government’s ‘Your Say’ website and to emphasise these points in your feedback. Submissions close on the 14 February 2023. We will provide more detail of Pedal Power’s submission to these plans in coming months.