Winter weather impacting your riding?

08 Jul 22 | By pp-admin | Cycling tips, Pedal Power

These cold, grey, windy and often rainy days are sapping the enthusiasm of even the most ardent cyclists.

The Tour de France might be a bit too hectic for you.  But winter means you have more time on your hands than usual.  Or maybe you just need a little light entertainment about cycling on these grey days.  Perhaps you’d like some inspiration for future cycle trips?  If any of this sounds like you, check out Along for the Ride with David O’Doherty, available on SBS on Demand.

David O’Doherty is an Irish comedian. This series was created by him when he decided, post-pandemic, to get back on his bike.  In each episode he rides with a celebrity guest across beautiful English countryside while carrying on wild and wonderful conversations with his guest – from deep-and-meaningful, to local history, to what can only be described as comedic nonsense!  Enjoy.