Donations + Sponsorship

Donations + Sponsorship

The Fitability program is financed by fundraising, sponsorship, donations and grants. It costs around $1000 per year to keep a tandem bike on the road and cover administrative costs.

From time to time bikes need to be replaced at an average cost of $7000. So that our stokers with a disability will always have access to roadworthy bikes, we appreciate donations to the Fitability program and sponsorship.

You can help Fitability by:

  • becoming a corporate or individual sponsor
  • supporting our fundraising efforts
  • making a donation
  • nominating Fitability for your Workplace Giving Program

We invite businesses, community organisations and individuals to become official sponsors of Fitability.

Your sponsorship allows Fitability to:

  • maintain regularly used tandems in safe working condition
  • purchase new tandem bikes
  • maintain a stock of spare parts for our bikes to include a range of saddles and handlebars to suit all our riders
  • cover the cost of insurances and administrative costs of the management of the Fitability program

Fitability is run entirely by volunteers so any assistance you provide will directly benefit our riders.
If you are able to contribute please contact Fitability at