How to get involved

How to get involved

Become a tandem pilot

If you are a confident rider, why not try tandem piloting?
Fitability conducts training, which will allow you to safely and confidently ride with our stokers. You will begin riding with one of our more experienced riders. How often you volunteer your time to ride a tandem is up to you.

Become a tandem stoker

Whether you have never ridden before, or can no longer ride due to vision loss or another disability, you can try out riding on a tandem. An experienced pilot steers the bike and controls the gears and braking.

We will arrange an easy first ride with you in a safe location.  We can answer all of your questions and practice basic tandem cycling skills.  If you enjoy your first ride you can talk with your pilot about the kinds of rides available and how you would like to join in.



Come and try Tandem riding.

Fitability will be holding a ‘come and try tandem’ morning where people can trial piloting a tandem bike!

Instruction on piloting as well as disability-specific information will be provided by experienced pilots and volunteers.

This is a great opportunity for people to turn up and see if riding tandem with someone who has a vision impairment or other disabilities is something they will enjoy.

When: Saturday 19th September starting at 9:30am .  
Where: Stromlo Forrest Park Criterium Circuit on the start/finish straight
What to bring: Your own helmet 

More information  contact: Lindy Hou on 0402 113 836 or email:

Get in contact with us today if you would like to volunteer. We would welcome your support.

The COVID-safe plan for the event is available here.

Become a tandem stoker

Tandem Rider Consent Form

Before riding tandem as a pilot or stoker you are requested to fill in a form acknowledging that you choose to take part in tandem riding and that you are aware of the risks.

Tandem riding consent form

Resources for people wanting to know more about tandem cycling

Hints for tandem pilots
Hints for tandem stokers

Other opportunities to support Fitability

In addition to people who volunteer as pilots and stokers, the Fitability program also requires other volunteers to:

  • coordinate rides
  • assist with maintaining our fleet of tandem bikes
  • set up and check bikes before rides
  • transport and store bikes.
  • fundraise and promote our fabulous activities.

Private use of Fitability tandem bikes

Our regular participants can access our tandem bikes to ride privately outside of organised Fitability rides.
We are able to loan out some tandem bikes, so that participants can ride more frequently.  Before loaning a bike, we will ensure that both the tandem pilot and stoker have received training so that they can ride confidently and safely together. People who would like to loan a bike are required to sign a bike loan agreement.