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The Canberra Cyclist magazine is a quarterly member publication with news and information about Pedal Power activities, courses and events, and articles of interest to the Canberra cycling community. Canberra Cyclist is distributed to: 

  •  around 7 700 Pedal Power members   
  • ACT elected representatives   
  • government officials in areas relating to cycling, active transport, and health 
  • ACT libraries   
  • other cycling organisations in the ACT and around Australia.   


Write for us   

The Canberra Cyclist is published by an editorial team made up of Pedal Power staff and volunteers. We welcome submissions of articles for publication from members of Pedal Power and the broader cycling community. When preparing an article, please consider the following guidelines:

  • Content should be of interest to Pedal Power members, a readership of all ages and abilities   
  • Please respect the following word limits:   
    • Half page article –  maximum of 400 words 
    • Full page article –  maximum of 800 words   
    • Double page article –  maximum of 1500 words
  • Articles are published under the disclaimer that opinions expressed in the magazine are those of the respective authors and not necessarily those of Pedal Power ACT.

When submitting an article, please consider the following guidelines:

  • Provide at least one photograph for a short article and several for longer articles.
  • All content including text, photographs and other images should be submitted as email attachments
  • Files over 8 MB must be provided on a flash drive
  • Text must be in a word document (*.docx), plain text (*.txt) or rich text format file (*.rtf)
  • Tables must be in Word or Excel
  • Charts must be in photo file format (*.tif, *.jpg or *.gif)   
  • Images must be in photo file format or print quality PDF, in the largest size available with a caption and acknowledgement as needed
  • Files in Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkExpress, PageMaker, Word and PowerPoint are also suitable 
  • Mention ‘Canberra Cyclist’ in the subject line, and your name and phone number in the email
  • Canberra Cyclist follows the Australian Government Style Manual

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Submission deadlines

EditionSubmission deadlineDelivery
Autumn 15 Januaryfrom 1 March
Winter 15 Aprilfrom 1 June
Spring 15 Julyfrom 1 September
Summer15 Octoberfrom 1 December

Advertise with us

The Canberra Cyclist is delivered to the households of over 7 700 members in the ACT and the surrounding region with an interest in cycling. Advertisements are a cost-effective way for bike-friendly businesses to promote their products and services directly to a targeted audience of cyclists.

When submitting an advertisement, please consider the following guidelines:

  • All artwork should be submitted as email attachments
  • Files over 8 MB must be provided on a flash drive 
  • Artwork should be provided as a single page print quality PDF file
  • All fonts must be embedded
  • All elements must be in CMYK colour
  • Images must have an effective resolution of at least 300 dpi
  • 3 mm bleed should be provided on all sides in addition to the trim
  • Advertisers are responsible for checking the content, quality and integrity of their files before submission.

The editor cannot take responsibility for accurate reproduction if:

  • fonts are artificially stylised
  • sizes are below 8 points for solid text or 10 points for reversed or non-solid text
  • text or other content is placed outside the live type area
Size Dimensions
Full page190mm x 280 mm
Half Page - Vertical190mm x 140mm
Half Page - Horizontal97mm x 280 mm
Quarter Page97mm x 140mm

Advertising rates

SizeLocationStandard rates
Full pageOutside back cover$425
Full page Inside back or front cover $375
Full page Anywhere else $300
Half page Outside back cover$250
Half page Inside back or front cover$250
Half page Anywhere else$200
Quarter page Anywhere $100

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