Cycling Without Age – getting back on trike

Cycling Without Age – getting back on trike

It’s time to get the Cycling Without Age trishaws rolling around Canberra once again now Covid restrictions have eased.

A pool of Pilots is crucial for the success of the program. We need a group of people who can pedal the electric assist trikes and take older less mobile Canberrans for rides– around the lake, through the city, and beyond.  Initially rides will be on weekdays, but a bit later we’d like to do rides on weekends.

Northside rides are based at IRT Kangara Waters, next to Lake Ginninderra. Southside rides are based in Weston Creek.

Training sessions are about to start for new pilots, as are refreshers for those who’ve piloted before.

Read more about the program here.

To become a pilot contact Jeff: and help our older Canberrans feel the wind in their hair.