From the President and CEO

From the President and CEO


We are very excited to be running Fitz’s Challenge again, after last year’s Covid-cancellation. At this stage it is looking very promising, and we are working towards delivering this incredible event on December 12. If you have not yet registered, now’s the time to do so. You can register with confidence, knowing we will offer refunds if we have to cancel for any reason. We have training plans and other important information here, so please take a look, and remember to register!

In July, Ian Ross and I joined a large group of people for the opening of the new Cotter Pines trails. This was the culmination of the hard work of the Kowalski Brothers’ Alan Vogt and his band of volunteers, along with local trail building firm Iconic trails. The work was funded by ACT Government and supported by Pedal Power.

Those present had the opportunity to trial e-mountain bikes, and many took up the offer (including our Ian).  As for me, I have already gone over to the dark side and am now the proud owner of the ‘Red Terror’. I’m loving every moment of the experience. Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and it’s easy to see why.

Speaking of mountain biking, please be mindful of the impact of rain on tracks and trails. To ensure Canberra’s trails remain in good condition, please avoid planning trail rides after heavy rain.


Canberra Cyclist Spring edition is here, and there’s never been a better time to give someone you love the gift of cycling.

As detailed in this edition of Canberra Cyclist, next year will bring major disruption to our city as light rail stage 2 construction starts.

The major north-south route of Commonwealth Avenue is going to see significant closures for years to come.

Likewise, car parks in the city centre have already been closed to make way for construction.

Pedal Power is working to help the community make cycling work as a viable, sensible alternative for Canberra’s disrupted commuting.

If you have a friend whose commute will be disrupted, you might like to help them take a bike instead.

Ah yes, cycling! It will not just be the quickest, most healthy, most enjoyable, most stress-free, most cost effective, zero carbon emission form of transport available, but it now comes with an extra-large dollop of schadenfreude as you pedal past all those terminally gridlocked vehicles over Commonwealth Avenue Bridge.

Cycling, my friends, is the gift of a lifetime!