Frydenberg backs the bike

Frydenberg backs the bike

By Pedal Power CEO Ian Ross

Jaws dropped at the recent launch of WeRide’s Cycling Economy report, when Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said he’d worked out how to achieve net zero emissions:

‘We all have to give up the car and get on the bike’.

Pedal Power ACT couldn’t agree more. The bike is the solution to everything!

How do we support Canberrans to swap the keys for the saddle in our expansive city?

E-bikes (electric assist bikes) are the solution for many, and the ACT Government must support this by including e-bikes in its sustainable household scheme. Imagine gliding past peak hour traffic on your e-bike, which you were finally able to purchase thanks to an ACT Government interest-free loan.

Unlike electric cars, e-bikes are already popular and available at most cycle retailers in the ACT. Cargo bikes and other bike systems (including trailers) that accommodate children are less popular due to their high price points, yet they are ideal for meeting the needs of small business and families.

‘An interest free loan from the ACT Government will make the choice of an E-bike an easy one for many Canberrans, because they can use the weekly savings in their fuel bill to replay the loan to purchase the bike’.