May MTB orienteering

May MTB orienteering

The second event of 2022 ACT MTB Orienteering Series will kick off on Sunday 22nd May 2022 starting at 10am at beautiful Majura Pines.

ACT MTB Orienteering is beginners & family – friendly and invites everyone who loves to ride a bike but never have tried orienteering before to try to learn a new skill and to try MTBO orienteering. The only additional equipment you need for our event, if you already have a bike, is a map board, which you will easily hire at the start of the day.

Starts will be from 10:00am till 11:30am, with course closure at 1:30pm. 4 courses will be provided – Long (about 12-15km, 60 min); Middle (6-9 km; 50 min), Short (3-5km, 40min) and Novice (1.5-2.5km; 30min). We will have coaches at the start, who will help and explain to beginners what to do and will equip with the key tips. Entree fee is $20 and you just can show up and enter on a day. Many Map Boards will be available for Hire on a day! ($5). But Pre-Entries are welcomed here:

Assembly and Parking  Parking Area adjacent to Alivio Tourist Park, the end of Kunzea St.

Registration is here:


Full details on ACT MTBO Calendar 2021 you will find here:

or email ACT MTBO Coordinator – Marina Iskhakova 0412 308 310

Welcome to MTB orienteering and enjoy navigation at a higher speed!