News from the top: Summer 2021-22

News from the top: Summer 2021-22

There is still time to register for the Fitz’s Challenge which was moved three times to ensure the event could run this year. It will be a great event and the weather should be superb.

I hope I never have to mention the word ‘COVID’ again after this edition of our fabulous magazine. Pedal Power was able to recommence its social rides from 15 October. I was ride leader for the Wanderers 21 on Sunday 16 and we had a massive turn up of 22 starters. Everyone was so pleased to be back into a routine. 

We now have two new social rides, the Wednesday dirt ride and the Friday dirt ride. If you plan to join a ride please ensure that you download the TeamApp before the ride and RSVP, including accepting the waiver. Members can join Team App via mobile but if you have an older model, then sign up on your computer. Ordinary riders just have a simple task to join a ride after registering.

On 29 October Pedal Power held a training program for the Social Ride co-ordinators to assist our volunteers become more familiar with their tasks and the more complex features. We had a very good turn up so my thanks to all co-ordinators and accredited ride leaders for the wonderful job you do.

Again, I want to thank the Advocacy group for their work around the recent ACT Budget and Pedal Power’s submission. The outcome of the budget is a sizable allocation of funds towards cycling infrastructure. I want to emphasis the importance of advocacy in promoting cycling in Canberra for more than forty years. Without the persistence of this group, their high-quality submissions and significant networking, cycling in Canberra would be much the poorer. Advocacy is reason enough to maintain membership of Pedal Power or to join.

As I write I am cycling around regional NSW (November). Our group of 14 started cycling out of Junee and will pedal for eight days. Everything is green and the dams full. The grain crops are dense and healthy and the cycling fun. The attached photo was taken in Temora. Iconic photo of the truck laden with wool, the grain storage silos and the train waiting to leave after depositing its load. No need to describe the sunset.

I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas. I hope everyone is able to catch up with family. I am off to the UK in early December to meet my new grandson and am very excited. My son-in-law is keen for me to take my bike. I’m thinking of the cold weather …. See you all in 2022!