Opportunities for cycling as chaos hits the roads

Opportunities for cycling as chaos hits the roads

There has never been a better time to start riding your bike for transport.

Stage 2 of the light rail will be one of the largest and most intensive construction projects ever undertaken in Canberra, and is likely to cause traffic disruption for many years.

To build the first section of light rail from the City to Commonwealth Park, London Circuit will be raised by six metres to create an at grade intersection with Commonwealth Avenue.

The current split-level, overpass-underpass configuration will be transformed into a more pedestrian and bike-friendly intersection by raising the road level on either side of Commonwealth Avenue.

This process will require the delivery of approximately 60,000 cubic metres of fill. This will mean ongoing closures of lanes in both directions on Commonwealth Avenue Bridge.

The ACT Government anticipates that Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, which normally carries 55,000 vehicles per day, will only be able to support 20% of this traffic flow. Kings Avenue Bridge is unable to support the overflow 44,000 vehicles. This will lead to significant congestion on both bridges, unless Canberrans find other means to travel. 

Public transport and active travel are the obvious solutions.

Pedal Power is engaging with the ACT Government to:

  • Widen and improve cycle and pedestrian access across Commonwealth Avenue Bridge
  • Develop improved park and pedal facilities south of the lake
  • Expand incentives and programs that will help people take up cycling.
  • Support Canberra workplaces to develop better end of trip facilities for their riders
  • Identify safety improvements on key cycling routes.
  • Improve the maintenance of our path network and address
  • Ensure that disrupted traffic arrangements support and protect people who cycle, walk and scoot.

Pedal Power is also looking to the future, and are advocating for light rail to deliver:

  • Improved options for multi–modal travel
  • Improved path connections to and through the city
  • A safe, direct, separated cycleway between Civic and Woden.

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