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Become a member of Pedal Power ACT and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you are fully covered by our insurance anytime and anywhere you ride — in the ACT, Australia and overseas. Our insurance covers you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world.

Our policy provides you with:

  • Personal Accident Insurance (including death and permanent injury, non-medicare medical expenses, loss of income and student tutorial benefit)
  • up to $5 000 000 Public Liability Insurance

Coverage commences from the time we receive your membership payment and ceases at 11.59pm on the day it expires, so renew your membership on time to ensure you remain covered!

When am I covered?

If you are a member of Pedal Power ACT and you have suffered an injury whilst riding your bicycle at any time, anywhere in the world, you are covered by our insurance.

This includes everyday riding, training, racing, and participating in cycling events or activities organised by Pedal Power or any other organisation – unless you are riding for work. The cover does not extend to bike couriers or people riding for fare or reward.

What type of cover is included?

Our Personal Accident Insurance covers you for injuries you sustain while riding your bike. The most commonly claimed expenses are for non-medicare medical expenses and loss of income.

Our Public Liability Insurance pays for costs you are liable for in the event you cause bodily injury to someone or damage their property as a result of negligence whilst riding a bicycle. This means if you are in a collision with a motor vehicle, and the owner takes action against you, you are covered, even if you were at fault.

Our Professional Indemnity Insurance covers you if you are injured while volunteering with Pedal Power, even if you are not a member.

The Pedal Power ACT Board closely monitors and reviews the insurance cover incorporated into Pedal Power’s membership in order to offer the best possible value to our members.

The Board reviews and renews our member insurance terms each year in November. At this point, the Board may choose to vary our membership insurance cover provided with Pedal Power membership.

What about my bike?

Our cover does not include personal property such as bikes and associated equipment. We encourage you to arrange separate insurance for these items.

How do I make a claim?

To make a claim, download and complete a Personal Accident Insurance claim form and return to us with supporting documentation.

If an incident occurs where you believe you may be held liable by a third party, contact V-Insurance Group as soon as possible on 1300 945 547 or 02 8599 8660.

Please refer to the policy for terms, conditions and exclusions.

Learn more about making a claim.

Make a claim

If you are a Pedal Power member and have been in an accident, complete a Personal Accident Claim Form and return to us with supporting documentation.

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