Wendouree Drive cycleway

Wendouree Drive cycleway

As part of works to improve cycling conditions at Kings Park, Wendouree Drive is permanently closing to cars from Monday 13 October 2021.

Works by the National Capital Authority (NCA) as part of Kings Park improvements will see the road converted to a fast cycling commuter path, with pedestrians and slower bike riders continuing to use RG Menzies walk.

The central basin path is one of the busiest routes in Canberra, supporting many users traveling at different speeds with different purposes – sightseeing, exercising, commuting, meeting friends. It is a principal active travel route and is the primary access corridor that funnels east-west commuters through this part of Canberra. 

Pedal Power has long advocated for separation between e the faster and slower moving groups to improve safety, comfort and usefulness, while minimising the potential for conflict.

We congratulate the NCA for taking a proactive approach to managing the path network around Kings Park, and we look forward to seeing how this separation could be further extended into the future.

For now, be mindful that this area is a construction site, so please take care if in the area. More information about the work is available here.