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22 Oct 20 | By pp-admin

Starting on Monday 26 October bike riders will be diverted around the construction site at West Basin using a new 3 m wide concrete path and parts of the car park.

Riders will be required to stop at a controlled crossing where there will be boom gates controlled by an operator. When the operator is not present the gates can be raised by a control button similar to those found on pedestrian crossings.

Please note the new path configuration changes the entry/exit to the Parkes Way pedestrian bridge. By routing the path under the bridge the previously hazardous intersection will be eliminated. This section includes a new intersection, where the old path joins the new, which was necessitated by existing trees. The intersection is moderately restricted and will require bike riders to slow when approaching from both directions.

Heavy trucks carrying infill will be approaching from the Western (Northbound) lane of Commonwealth Avenue. Bike riders using the ON-ROAD CYCLE LANE will need to exercise caution in order to give these vehicles sufficient space to slow and turn into as well as out of the site.

Even though we have been assured sweeping will be conducted on a regular basis, riders on Commonwealth Ave should also be aware of loose material on the cycle lane.

The site contractors, Chincivil, and the City Renewal Authority have been very proactive in engaging Pedal Power on the design and implementation of the new path diversion.

Please approach the site cautiously, cooperate with the site workers and respect the new safety infrastructure.

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