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Thief targets bike riders cars

07 Oct 20 | By pp-admin

Last week thieves ransacked the cars of bike riders who had parked in a public car park before going on a social ride together. Discovering this damage at the end of a great ride was terrible for everyone involved - a horrible end to an otherwise great day.

Vehicle break-ins are often opportunistic crimes. Even when your car is locked, it’s apparently not impenetrable.

Following these tips will help to decrease the chances of theft or damage to your car when you are out riding.

* Ensure the doors and boot are locked and secure.
* Close all windows and the sunroof.
* Do not leave valuables in your car like your wallet, phone or tablet, even if it’s locked.
* Spare keys or garage remotes should never be hidden in or on the car.
* Remove valuables and driver's licence and registration papers from the glove box.
* Avoid placing your name, address and registration number on keys.
* Take your car and house keys with you
* Carefully choose where you park. Try to park in a highly visible and well-lit spot

Riders can call for Police on 131 444 to report a crime that it is NOT life-threatening or a time-critical emergency

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