Social rides

Want to explore Canberra by bike and meet like-minded people? Join us on one of our social rides!

Our rides vary from 10 km to over 100 km – so that everyone can find a ride they enjoy.

Finding the best ride for your skill level is easy using our SOCIAL RIDE GUIDE.

We have rides of varying distance, pace, hilliness, skill and terrain, including off-road, path and road rides. All our rides are led by an accredited volunteer ride leader. Rides are free and non-competitive – we ride for fun and to share the experience with others!

Most rides include a stop at a café or to enjoy a view. They start from locations all over Canberra, so there is bound to be a social ride near you.

Social rides are for Pedal Power members. If you’re not a member, we offer two trial rides so you can see if our rides are right for you. You can join Pedal Power here to get access to all our rides!

If you don’t see a ride you like, you may want to consider organising a new ride.

You will need to become a ride leader to do this.

Easy social rides

These rides are designed for less experienced riders and those returning to cycling or anyone wanting to build confidence riding in a group. See details of upcoming rides and book here.

Social Rides

These rides are for cyclists who have some level of fitness and at least a little experience riding in a group. These rides are graded to help you choose the one that suits your riding abilities and the type of riding you like to do.  This Guide sets out the distance range, average speed and a general description of each ride.  You can register for any ride in the Guide by joining the ‘access group’ for that ride in Stack Team App.

You can join Pedal Power’s social rides in Stack Team App or read instructions on how to do it if you need a hand.

Pedal Power uses the Stack Team App to manage all our regular social rides (except trials).  Once you have joined the ‘access group’ for your chosen ride on the Stack Team App, you will receive the details for that ride via the app whenever updated.  You can then simply register in Team App to attend that ride each time you wish to ride.