Fitability tandem rides

With a tandem bike, cycling is twice the fun! And it can bring the joy of riding to people who would not otherwise be able to cycle.

Pedal Power’s Fitability Tandem Cycling program provides cycling opportunities to Canberrans with vision impairment or other disabilities. Our volunteer pilots ride at the front of the tandem, steering and operating the brakes and gears. The stoker cycles at the back, and both riders pedal.

Piloting a tandem is not very different from riding a single bike. If you are a confident rider, we encourage you to give it a go!

If you are not able to ride independently due to vision loss or another disability, tandem riding could be for you. Our volunteers can help develop the skills and confidence you need, even if you have never ridden a bike before.

How often you ride is up to you. We even provide the bikes– we have tandem road bikes and city bikes in different sizes to suit any type of riding.

Fitability has an informal ride program and we regularly join Pedal Power’s social rides and events such as the Big Canberra Bike Ride and Fitz’s Challenge, as well as other recreational and competitive cycling events in the region.

For more information about Fitability tandem rides, or to become a pilot or stoker contact

Ride a tandem

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