Our ride leaders

Our social rides are run by volunteer ride leaders who are trained and accredited by Pedal Power to safely manage and lead group rides. The ride leader is responsible for:

  • grading the ride (in terms of distance, pace, hilliness, terrain and skill)
  • developing a map or itinerary for the ride
  • ensuring all riders have provided their contact details and accepted our ride terms and conditions
  • briefing riders at the start of the ride
  • managing the group with consideration of varying skills and fitness of the riders
  • assigning experienced riders as grouping riders, tail end riders, or shepherding riders, as needed
  • managing any incidents or emergencies.

Want to become a ride leader?

Are you a confident rider who enjoys the social side of cycling? Why not become a social ride leader?

We are always looking for new volunteers to help us run our program of social rides. To become a ride leader you must be:

  • a member of Pedal Power
  • an experienced and confident bike rider
  • a good communicator
  • calm and patient, with a positive attitude
  • understanding and empathetic with riders of different ages, abilities and backgrounds
  • able to manage the logistical aspects of a group ride
  • familiar with basic first aid
  • trained and accredited by us

Find out how to become accredited as a Pedal Power ride leader – email: office@pedalpower.org.au

Meet our ride leaders

We simply could not run our social ride program without our passionate and committed volunteer ride leaders. Around eighty riders have been accredited by us to run our social rides.

You can see our full list of accredited rider leaders here.

Information for Social Ride Leaders

Social Ride Incident Report

Social Ride Sign-on Sheet

Social Ride Leader Assessment Form

Social Ride Leader Re-assessment Form 

2023 Vol 1 Ride Coordinator Handbook

2023 Vol 2 Social Ride Leader Handbook

2023 Vol 3 Remote Rides Handbook

2023 Vol 4 Enjoying Rides Handbook

2023 Vol 5 Social Rides Risk Management Plan