Preparing for a ride

Riding with us for the first time? Here are some things to consider before you join one of our social rides.

How do I prepare?

Make sure your bike is roadworthy – remember your bike must have a working bell (and lights if you are riding between dusk and dawn).

Consider the kind of riding you want to do and choose a ride that suits your skill, fitness and availability. 

New to riding in a group? For a safe and enjoyable ride, please familiarise yourself with our guide to cycling in a group.

How do I join a ride?

Anyone is eligible to join our social rides. You do not have to be a Pedal Power member. However, we recommend you join so that you are covered by our member insurance. Our insurance provides personal accident and public liability cover any time you ride, anywhere in the world.

New to the ride? If you are joining for the first time, contact the listed ride leader and let them know you will be attending. It is your responsibility to choose a ride that is suitable for your skills and fitness.

Familiarise yourself with our social ride Terms and Conditions before you ride.

What should I bring?

An Australian Standards certified helmet  – you must have a certified helmet to join our rides.

At least one spare tube, a pump and tyre levers – and know how to use them!

Dress for the weather and carry waterproof clothing – rides continue regardless of most weather conditions.

A drink bottle (or two) filled with water, and a snack.

Some form of identification and an emergency phone number.

You may wish to pack a basic first aid kit.

What should I expect?

Arrive 15 minutes before the start time so you can check in with the ride leader.

Listen to the pre-ride briefing at which the route, terrain and road surfaces and explained.

Complete the sign-on sheet with your name, phone number, and emergency contact details.

Accept our Terms and Conditions as provided on the sign-on sheet 

Get riding!

Ride safely and obey the road rules. Follow the ride leader’s instructions and the example of experienced riders.

Enjoy your ride!

Can I join on an electric bike?

Absolutely – we welcome and encourage e-bike riders! Any bike that can legally be ridden on ACT roads can join our rides. Please check our ride calendar for details on pace and terrain to find the right ride for you.


Can I join on a tandem bike?

Yes! Tandem bikes are welcome on our social rides. Contact the listed ride leader before the ride to check the accessibility of the route. 

Learn more about preparing for a tandem ride.