Crashes and Harassment

What do I do if I’m in a crash?

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Do I need to report the crash?

We recommend you report ANY crash you have while cycling as this helps with any insurance claim and contributes to data which is used to plan for road safety improvements.

If you are involved in a crash with another vehicle in the ACT you must report the incident to the police within 24 hours.

Each party involved is required by law to provide their name and address to the other party. Police will only attend crashes when vehicles require towing or serious injuries have occurred. If the police attend, then that is sufficient reporting.

If you are involved in a crash you should take as many of these actions as you can to assist with any claim you may make:

  • Call 13 1444 for the police. If you are injured call 000 for an ambulance.
  • Do not say that the crash was your fault.
  • Get the other party’s name and address. If a motor vehicle is involved, get the driver’s name and insurance details, and the registration number, make, and model.
  • Take names, telephone numbers and addresses of any witnesses.
  • Ask witnesses to describe the other party, and how they think the crash occurred. Take notes.
  • Take photographs of the site of the crash.
  • When notifying police we advise you to contact Traffic Operations. It is then more likely that the person will be able to treat the complaint with the seriousness it deserves.
  • Be diligent about reporting all the details of the incident,
  • Keep the submission ID number and the date you submitted the report. Make a copy of any information you provide.
  • Keep any damaged clothing and bike parts. Try to obtain a written assessment of the condition and replacement cost of any damaged items.
  • If you are injured, see a doctor and photograph any visible injuries.
  • If you incur any expenses as a direct result of the crash, keep a full record including any receipts.

More advice on reporting a collision

For more information and an on-line reporting form visit ACT Police

Help to report

Harassed while cycling?

 If you feel threatened, intimidated or endangered by the behaviour of other road users, you can and should report it to the police.

  • Call 13 1444 for police assistance
  • Call 000 in an emergency

In order to get the best response from Police, we advise that you call the police (as against reporting it in person at the Police Station) where you should be re-directed to the Traffic Operations section. It is more likely that the officer will then be able to treat the complaint with the seriousness that it deserves.

You may be required to complete a form and/or the officer may meet you at a convenient time. It is likely that the officer will explain the process that may be required in order to seek a conviction.

Reporting these incidents helps police better understand what is happening on our roads and can encourage them to take action – whether that be a warning or formal charge. 

Of course, police can only take action if they have sufficient details. See our guide above to reporting a crash.

Do I need legal advice?

If you have been in a crash and are unsure of your rights, you may wish to seek legal advice.

Snedden Hall & Gallop is a long term supporter of Pedal Power ACT, and our preferred legal provider. As legal cycling experts, they offer Pedal Power members:

  • a free first consultation
  • a “no win, no fee” arrangement
  • up to 50% reduction of “gap fees” where unrecoverable from the at-fault party
  • pro-bono assistance for a case of significant importance to the cycling community.

To find out more contact Snedden Hall & Gallop on 02 6285 8000 or

Legal advice is available

For more information contact 02 6285 8000 or email -

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