Making Canberra a more bike friendly city

What we advocate for

We push for better cycling infrastructure to make it easier for more people to cycle in Canberra.

Our campaigns

What we've been working on

Our advocacy teams are based in each of Canberra's electorates. They work with the local community to improve cycling conditions.

Our latest work

What's coming for cycling?

Labor and the Greens made significant cycling election commitments in 2020. What can we expect delivered by 2024?

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Advocacy tools

Want to advocate for better cycling facilities in your community? We have tools and tips to get you started.

Advocacy tools

Report a hazard

Seen something you think could be dangerous to people on bikes? Find out how to report potential hazards so they can be fixed

Report a hazard

Been in a crash?

Been in a crash while cycling? Our tips will help you make sure you take the right action to protect yourself.

Crash tips